At the back end of last year I was privileged to enter the studio with a chap called ‘Salvi Moreno’ in order to record the bass lines for his 2nd album.

He’d come over from Spain and booked a studio up in the north of England in order to get more of a ‘British Rock’ sound. I think the results were great. It is impressive how much information can be passed through arm waving and gesticulation but I am glad his friend Keith was around for the occasional in depth translation.

You can listen to the music here, most of the tracks on there are new but there are a few from his earlier album ‘The Tribe Without Fingers’.

And some pics 🙂

Me with the ‘Fleeter Spazz’ .

My recording setup.

For the music geeks – on the right is my amp which consists of an Ampeg SVP-Cl into a mesa 5050 driving an swr workingmans 4×10 (which I have rewired stereo). Into it I generally played my jazz bass clone ‘the fleeter spazz’ pictured above. The other amp I used was the 70s Fender Bassman on the left through the marshall cab – nice and vintage. I found it paired nicely with my Dad’s old (fretless) Fender Telecaster bass.