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3rd Brew Ell’s American IPA

Brewing & Beer Posted on 31 Mar, 2012 21:33:57

Here is the recipe for my ‘american IPA’ style beer I started brewing today. Details to follow:

It is based on the ‘Way to Amarillo IPA’ but I wanted to do a partial mash to give me an excuse to play with real malt. I also wanted to up the bitterness to my taste so I decided to also use chinook hops. I’m going to dry hop that bad boy with 30g chinook and 30g amarillo for some serious in-your-face aroma. I hope!

Title: Ell’s Amarillo IPA

Brew Method: BIAB Style Name: American IPA
Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size: 21 liters Boil Size: 12 liters Efficiency: 70%

Calculated STATS:

Original Gravity: 1.057 Final Gravity: 1.014 ABV (standard): 5.58%
IBU (tinseth): 50.85 SRM (morey): 5.36


2 kg – Dry Malt Extract – Light (47.6%)
2.2 kg – Maris Otter Pale (52.4%)

40 g – Chinook (AA 13) for 60 min, Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: Boil
20 g – Chinook (AA 13) for 30 min, Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: Boil
20 g – Amarillo (AA 8.6) for 0 min, Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: Boil
30 g – Amarillo (AA 8.6), Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: Dry Hop
30 g – Chinook (AA 13), Type: Leaf/Whole, Use: Dry Hop


1) Decoction, Temp: 65 C, Time: 40 min, Amount: 8 L
2) Sparge, Temp: 65 C, Time: 10 min, Amount: 4 L


Wyeast – American Ale 1056
Starter: No
Form: Liquid
Attenuation (avg): 75%
Flocculation: Med-Low
Optimum Temperature: 15.56 C – 22.22 C


Method: cane sugar
Amount: undecided

2nd Brew: Bottling and Tasting

Brewing & Beer Posted on 31 Mar, 2012 21:25:35

A few weeks ago I bottled up my belgium old pec after 3 weeks in primary fermentation. I primed the bottles with dark soft molasses sugar.

Its really come out great- a final gravity of 1.011 from the bottle puts it at about 8.1% alcohol – the taste is superb and surprisingly quaff able. It started off seeming quite sweet (at bottling day) and now that seems to be reducing as it conditions.

I just have to attempt to not drink it all now while it reaches peak flavour. The only way for me to do that I think is – brew more!